We understand that a roof is not just a roof, it’s a roofing system.
Here are some of the differences with 4A Roofing, LLC that many other roofing companies just do not pay attention to.

  • We use 6 nails per shingle tile.
  • Our entry level shingle is the LIFETIME Timberline HD shingles, no 3 tab builder’s grade shingles.
  • We include ice and water shield around the entire perimeter (2 foot past interior heated wall)
  • We put ice & water shield in the valleys.
  • We use synthetic felt manufactured by GAF.
  • We use starter strip manufactured by GAF. The first course of shingles is the most important in protecting from wind damage or lift up.
  • We put ice & water shield around all penetrations in the roof.
  • We use the LOMANCO ventilation.
  • We go into the attic and make sure the intake and exhaust is functioning properly.
  • We caulk, prime, and paint all roof top accessories.
  • We have a triple redundancy cleaning check where we roller magnet the yard getting up all excess building materials and nails out of your yard.
  • We are extremely clean and very organized.
  • We dispose of the materials directly in the dumpster.
  • We use tarps and cover your a/c unit, yard, and driveway.
  • Upon completion we clean your gutters, use a leaf blower to clean the roof, pick up all debris, and leave you an extra bundle of shingles and a spotless job site.
  • We offer a 5 year water tight warranty and a 5 year workmanship warranty.
  • We are factory certified by GAF providing you with a full 50 yr. warranty that does not depreciate.
  • We do asphalt shingles, woodshakes, metal roofing, built up roofing, flat roofs, modified bitumen, and tile.

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